Analyze and Report

View and Distribute Your Data

The TDS Analyze and Report System allows users of TDS software applications, including the ePowerForms Data Collection System, to quickly and easily generate robust reports and powerful charts and graphs, based on any combination of data.


Create professional-quality reports based on any data combinations from nearly any database. Easily create complex hierarchical documents with automatic word index, Table of Contents, and more. Export, print, or preview your reports and documents in a variety of formats. Quickly create, edit, preview, load, and save reports. Familiar Microsoft Access-like user interface enables users to design reports fast. .


Gain a better view of your data with powerful charts. Create basic 2D charts including bar, line, area, pie, and more as well as advanced chart types like bubble, candle, Gantt, polar, radar, and more. With 3D-charting, you can display data as a 3D surface chart, a 3D bar chart, or 3D scatter plot. Re-format any chart from line to bar to pie by simply changing one setting. Create the exact chart representation you need for any application.

Analyze and Report is currently in development. Expected for release April 2011

Why Choose ePowerForms?

  • Comprehensive: ePowerForms includes everything needed to effectively manage test and maintenance data. Forms, Job Tracking, Reviewing, Reporting, and more are all included.
  • Easy to Use: Designed with the Field User in mind, ePowerForms incorporates many features that make data collection and data management simple. Most tasks can be mastered in as little as a few minutes.
  • Affordable: ePowerForms is easily the most affordable solution. With our numerous versions, there is a pricing level for every possible need.

  • Electrical Manuals

    Manuals used for Electrical Testing and Maintenance.

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Form Customization Services

Quickly incorporate your own forms into the ePowerForms System - Or make wholesale changes to our existing forms. Our Form Customization Service handles the tediuos task of form creation and customization - at a surprisingly low cost.

Data Conversion Services

Do you have an existing database of historical test and maintenance records? In many cases, we can convert this important data into the ePowerForms format - allowing your historical data to be viewed and managed within the ePowerForms System.



The International Electrical Testing Association provides standards for Electrical Testing and Maintenance.

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Doble Engineering

ImageTest Equipment

Doble Engineering manufactures and sells test equipment for the electical testing industry.

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Northern Alberta Institute

ImageTechnical Training

NAIT provides training in many technical areas, including Electrical Testing and Maintenance.

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